Wait... I have to spend $60 for

Okay, so I saw this thread on early entry here http://lpunderground.com/forum/the_underground/2018443

Now before I could answer his question, I had to find out what you had to meet in order to gain early entry.

Turns out if you flash your lanyard and membership card, you get early access…

Now, I BEFORE LPU 11 came out (3 days exactly) I bought LPU X so I can become a member, that being said. There was no way I was going to spend an additional $60 when I just previously purchased LPU membership a few days prior.

I’m finding out that was a big mistake… And should have bought LPU 11… Because I want to gain early access so I can reserve my spot up in front at the pit.

May someone please clear this up?

Can’t I just flash my LPU 6 membership card in which I got from a Best Buy bundle?..

I did the same thing, except my membership was bought 3 months prior to LPU11, I’ll tell you what I did. Just to be on the safe side, I purchased LPU 11 as well, and membership is good for another year, ending in September 2013 (which was the original month that I purchased my first membership). I hope I didn’t confuse you… Bottom line, what I tried to say is, just purchase another membership, to be safe, and you’ll get a laminate to get in. I’m afraid they won’t accept anything for early entry other than that.
Good luck:)

So simple answer is yes?.. :frowning:

I’m going to email the LPU headquarters and explain my situation. Hopefully they can assist me…

Message Adam asap. He may be able to ship you a lanyard.