Using SMARTPHONES during concerts


But I would like to hear more opinions…
I’m still waiting for an actual explanation why is that so common the lots of people using their cameras and smartphones the whole concert.


Because they want to make “memories”.


Sometimes they wanna prove to their friends that they actually went :joy:

You just want to always have a part of that concert with you and taking a photo is probably the easiest way to do that.


Last concert I went to I took about 5 10 second videos of various songs and a couple pictures, and that was good enough for me. I kept my phone at body height, too, so it wasn’t in the way


Best thing to do.

I wanted to take a bunch at the m&g but realized I wouldn’t enjoy the moment and the guys would much rather speak to me than a phone. We weren’t allowed to even take our phones out anyways lol.


Personally, I never really record anything at a show; it’s more important for me to experience the moment firsthand. I totally get why others might feel differently there and decide to record what they see, though, because I take photos and videos constantly in my life where possible … just not at shows.

Besides, if I ever want to see fan-shot video footage of a show that I attended, typically, plenty of other people will have uploaded recordings that I can watch. Really no need for me to record anything at all. :slightly_smiling:

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agree with @minuteforce


I have never been in a concert I want to but I can’t


And ppl wonder why I rarely have pics of the concerts I go to…

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Yeah man, I get what you mean but for some people going to a concert is an experience that they want to cherish forever. Of course when they record the whole thing it gets out of hand though. I thinks they are okay in moderation though.

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I think people should not use Smartphones during a concert constantliy. One or two pictures are ok.
People don’t need to record everything, a week after that show YouTube will explode of Videos from that show and exactly the same on Instagram with Videos…

One or two pictures are okay but not the whole show.

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