Using a GoPro during M&G allowed?


Hey guys,
do you know if it is allowed to film the m&g with a GoPro cam on my shoulder?
I know it’s not allowed to take any selfies with Mike as there is not enough time for it.
It’s my first m&g tomorrow, I hope the question isn’t too stupid. :see_no_evil:

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:joy: that’s actually kinda funny to imagine mike’s reaction to It on your shoulder :joy:
I recorded quite a bit of the m&g I was at and they had no issues so I’d assume they wouldn’t but maybe just be sure to put it away if they do have an issue with it is what I’d say? Maybe just pull it out on the spot :joy: maybe put it in a stuffed parrot with an opening in it :thinking: and say it speaks for you because you’re so starstruck at meeting him :joy:
Sorry :grimacing: getting too creative :zipper_mouth_face:


Haha I was laughing so hard about the parrot and imagining the situation :parrot::flushed::joy:
Okay, I’ll just try and see how they react. :wink:
It just means so much to meet him and it would be awesome to capture the moment! :star_struck:
Thanks for your reply @framos1792

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No, you aren’t. There’s a professional filming/shooting the whole thing. You will be asked to keep your phone/device in your pocket during that time.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if venue tries to snag it as well.


That parrot :parrot: comment was pretty dam funny…!!..and we ALL COULD USE SOME HUMOR…!!..
If anyone finds out about a M&G here in the states, PLEASE LET ME KNOW…!!!