Trouble with downloading the album

Hi there,
I received the email that said that LT was out in my country, so I could download it after entering a code.
Well, I clicked the link (brought me to, entered the code but nothing happened.
Tried again and all it says is “The file has already been downloaded…”.

Am I screwed?
I need to download it, I don’t want to listen to it illegaly and I don’t want to ruin my physical copy (that arrived with my lanyard and laminate, btw :D)

Please, somebody help me!

Putting the physical copy on your computer will not screw it up

[quote=espltd3441]Putting the physical copy on your computer will not screw it up
Tell this to my meteora cd, it got scratched and i always treated it like My Queen :smiley:

Anyway, this means i’ve lost my digital copy?

Were did you ordered LT? Via Warner? Contact them, they should be able to help.

Uhmm you won’t get much help on LPU boards on this issue. Anyway, go download it off the torrents, you bought your copy, so technically you have the rights :smiley:

Burning the music onto your computer once won’t damage the disc. Just be careful with it.

Just copy it from the CD then once you’re done, put the CD away and you never have to use it again!