Trouble downloading single Burn it Down

Has anyone had trouble downloading the single? All I got was a DigitalDelivery.aspx Notebook file. I have emailed customer support but not sure if it’s a problem with my PC. Has anyone had this problem?

Hi. In the email from Warner Brothers Records, there is a link to take you back to downloading the track again.

“If you have not done so already, you can initiate your download of purchased content at: Download Digital Items
If you have trouble downloading the digital content please go to our site to review our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting our customer service department.”


I was having problems pre-ordering the album, so I know the frustration with which you are dealing now.

I’m assuming you pre-ordered from Warner Bros. Records (the link on the LP website). Here are a few things you can try:
-Click the download link on the receipt in your web browser. It gives specific instructions for what to do if using a PC or a Mac. I have a Mac (I know you have a PC), but when I followed those instructions, the download didn’t work. I just clicked on the download button.
-Also, you can try clicking the download link near the bottom of the receipt that was emailed to you from Warner Bros.
-Lastly, this could be a browser issue. I was having problems using Safari, but when I switched to Chrome, it worked fine.

Hope this helps, but it does sound like your problem could be more complicated.

Best of luck.

I had no problems with that :o
but you are not the only one! so many had that problem

Thanks for your help. After reading your replies I realized it was an isolated problem. They reset the link and tried downloading from a different PC. I got it now!