Tour Dates

Will there be a LA date added?

I’m wondering the same thing because I don’t live very close to the other CA shows listed. They’re worth the drive for sure but I’d rather wait for an LA show. Hopefully they do, i can’t see them skipping over LA with such a huge fan base. :slight_smile:

If you guys are talking about the Honda Civic Tour with Incubus, I’d have to say the chances are low. I live in LA myself and would also much prefer Staples Center. You never know, but I’m not sure they will be adding many dates to that tour.

Now on the other hand, they haven’t announced their Living Things North America tour dates. That tour, I can almost guarantee you will include 1 if not 2 Staples Center shows.

That’s the tour I’m waiting for. Would be cool to see them with Incubus though :wink:

I think they’ll definitely add an LA show. They’re probably waiting to announce it so they can sell more tickets in Chula Vista.


I’m sure L.A. will have a show. They wouldn’t skip it. the page said that the shows listed were only part of the World Tour soooo yea, anyways, I dont care cause I live in San Diego