Top 5 Bands of All Time

  1. Pink Floyd

  2. Linkin Park

  3. Muse, 30 seconds to mars

  4. Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Mettalica

  5. Paramore, Green Day

  1. Linkin Park
    4)Dead By SunRise
    5)Grey Daze

1 Linkin Park
2 Nine Inch Nails
3 Placebo
4 Deftones
5 A perfect Circle

  1. Depeche Mode
  2. The Cure
  3. Linkin Park
  4. Bush
    and the rest is a toss up…

I can’t say that the list below is steady, but for now i would say :

  1. Linkin Park
    4.Within Temptation
    5.Maroon 5
  1. linkin park
  2. papa roach
  3. rise against
  4. bullet for my valentine
  5. metallica

maybe not of all time but for me :wink:

  1. Linkin Park
  2. Incubus
  3. Foo Fighters
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Rage Against the Machine
  1. Linkin Park, Dir En Grey
  2. X-Japan
  3. Mucc
  4. Maximum the Hormone
  5. Trivium, Girugamesh
  1. Queen
  2. The Beatles
  3. Linkin Park
    5.White Lies

+bonus - Adele

[quote=Ethereal1]So who are your top 5 bands of all time?

1st is the most favourite and so forth, so who are yours? Mine consist of the below

  1. Iced Earth
  2. Evergrey
  3. Nightwish
  4. Machine Head
  5. Linkin Park[/quote]

linkin park is 5?
what are you doing here?! seriously

linkin park is my top 5
not obsessed with any other band and THEY ARE the best , so yeah

  1. Linkin Park
  2. Queen
  3. The Doors
  4. Depeche Mode
  5. S.O.A.D.

Just from the top of my head…The last one has propably changed in a week… :stuck_out_tongue:

Linkin Park and Fort Minor are the only bands that I have albums of and will listen from start to the end, other bands like The Fray, 30 Seconds to Mars, Hoobastank etc etc I only listen to maybe one or two songs.

I listen to some Breaking Benjamin too but I don’t buy their albums.

Some of you should totally inbox me and recommend me a band that doesn’t sing about drugs sex woman etc etc…

My genres are Hip Hop > Alternative > Rock > Some acoustic soft core/dark melodious thingy like Iridescent or Valentine’s Day

So I guess I don’t have top 5… I only have 2… lol!

  1. Linkin Park
  2. U2
  3. Queen
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Guns 'n Roses / Bon Jovi / Cranberries / Coldplay
  1. Linkin Park
  2. Hatebreed
  3. Slipknot
  4. Rammstein
  5. System of a Down
  1. Linkin Park
  2. Evanescence
  3. Korn
  4. Coldplay
  5. Rammstein
  • Uhm, Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park, I think
  • Well, Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park!
  • Linkin Park, in my opinion

Uh tough choices!

I’m very much torn between Linkin Park and Muse being my number 1 band. But I’ll go with Linkin Park, since I’ve been a fan of them the longest. :wink: So here is my top 5:

  1. Linkin Park
  2. Muse
  3. Florence and the Machine
  4. OneRepublic
  5. Paramore

it is strange that you have a PL on the 5th place))

  1. Linkin Park ( of course)
  2. Skillet
  3. Within Temptation
  4. Green Day
  5. Apocalyptica
  1. Linkin Park
  2. Rammstein
  3. Die Toten Hosen
  4. Korn
  5. Farin Urlaub / Die Aerzte
  1. Linkin Park
  2. The Smiths
  3. Young Guns
  4. Papa Roach
  5. Five Finger Death Punch

I like a lot of music but I have all the albums for the above and listen to those most.