Top 10 lp songs?

I always had a hard time making charts, my preferences tend to be fluid and what’s my favorite song today may not be tomorrow, so I won’t sort them in a numbered fashion and write them as they come to mind:

  • No more sorrow
  • A line in the sand
  • Castle of glass
  • Skin to bone
  • The catalyst
  • Lies greed misery
  • Lying from you
  • What I’ve done
  • Papercut
  • Lost in the echo
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Clear announcement, Soldier @Simy

-Rebellion, -Lost in the echo, -Given up, -Burn it down, -Guilty all the same, -In the end, -Somewhere i belong, -Final masquerate, -One step closer, -Powerless. Everybody know that it is difficult to choose 10 favorite songs from **LP **

1- In The End
3-Paper Cut
4-With You
5-And One
6-Points Of Authority
8-Somewhere I Belong
9 -From The Inside

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I see that there isn’t anything past Meteora.

In The End
Final Masquerade
Burning In The Skies
Leave Out All The Rest
Shadow Of The Day
Until It’s Gone
Waiting For The End
Pushing Me Away
Breaking The Habit

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  1. Breaking The Habit
    2)guilty all the same
    6)until its gone
    7)A Line in the sand
    8)what ive done
    9)we made it
    10)Final Masquerade.
  1. Iridescent.
  2. One More Light.
  3. Leave Out All The Rest.
  4. Final Masquerade.
  5. Numb.
  6. Crawling.
  7. Burn It Down.
  8. In The End.
  9. Until It’s Gone.
  10. Breaking The Habit.
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A top 50 would be easier


1 - The Catalyst
2 - Sharp Edges
3 - Waiting For The End
4 - Somewhere I Belong
5 - The Messenger
6 - Shadow Of The Day
7 - One Step Closer
8 - Leave Out All The Rest
9- Lost In The Echo
10 - Until It’s Gone

It’s so difficult :sweat:

  1. Numb
  2. One more light
  3. In the end
  4. Somewhere I belong
  5. Burning in the skies
  6. Burn it down
  7. I’ll be gone
  8. Crawling
  9. Breaking the habit
  10. Run away
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In the end
Given up
Castle of glass
One step closer
Somewhere I belong
Burn it down
easier to run
New divide
One more light

1 faint
2from the inside
3Battle symphony
4 good goodbye
5 heavy
6 halfway right
8 numb
9With you
10 one more light

And In The End?

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I feel like making another list, so here we go (in no particular order):

Waiting For The End
The Catalyst
Lying From You
Leave Out All The Rest
Talking To Myself
One More Light
In My Remains
Guilty All The Same

2nd list
•waiting for the end
•mark the graves
•halfway right
•battle symfony
•until it breaks
•somewhere I belong
•the catalyst
•the little things give you away

And I still need to write at least 20 more…

Sharp Edges
Breaking the Habit
Shadow of the Day
Halfway Right
My December
One More Light
One Step Closer

In no particular order:
One Step Closer,
One More Light
Lying From You
Bleed It Out
Lies, Greed, Misery
Leave Out All The Rest

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  1. Waiting for the End
  2. Iridescent
  3. Papercut
  4. The Little Things Give You Away
  6. Drawbar/Final Masquerade
  7. Forgotten
  8. Robot Boy
  9. Somewhere I Belong
  10. Battle Symphony

7-10 changes around every so often (for instance, A Place For My Head was probably in here last week), but I’d say that top 6 is pretty definitive.

  1. One More Light
  2. Numb/ Heavy
  3. The Catalyst/ Papercut
  4. Easier to run/ Shadow of the day
  5. Iridescent
  6. Valentine’s Day/ My December/ The Messenger
  7. Roads Untraveled/Given up/ Hands held high
  8. Crawling/ Bleed it Out/ Breaking the Habit
  9. Powerless/ In between/
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