Tickets to the Maxidrom Festival on June, 10th in Moscow

I just wanted to tell all of you guys one interesting fact.
Tickets are on sale since today on and the price for fan-zone was 2500 RUB which is about 83$. They were “sold” in several hours. Wow. Just wow.
Then there’s a website that claims to be the best way for Russian fans to get tickets. They say they always help all the fans and it always goes perfectly cool, everyone’s satisfied and stuff. This page says a ticket to a fan-zone costs 3380 RUB which is about 113$.
Woah, woah, woah. Really, LPRussia? Really?! So this is where all the tickets went to? Do you really have any right to do that?
Now there’s a new bunch of tickets out there again and they vanish exceptionally fast as well.
Tomorrow tickets for the show in Saint-Petersburg will be out, and I won’t be surprised if they will all be “sold” very quickly as well and then you can only buy them using “helpful” LPRussia and paying twice more than you were supposed to.
I know someone from LPRussia is probably reading this right now, so I hope you choke on that money you steal from fans.