Ticket rewrite for Telekom Streetgig in Berlin?

Helle there,

A friends of mine, here in the LPU got a ticket for the Streetgig Show. But there is a problem, he can’t go, because he got no Money to drive to Berlin. Is there a chance to rewrite the ticket. Behause i could go and I would love it to rock with LP!

Please help me! :slight_smile:


Why did he applied for the ticket if he can’t go? Don’t understand those people. Grabbing for everything and ruin the chances for others.

I’m not sure “rewrites” are possible, but you could always ask Adam?

I think he has to cancel his ticket and then you will be able to buy it, if someone else doesn’t beat you to it.

And I agree with Shoegaze4u, it says so on the site of the event that you should only purchase a ticket if you’re 100 % sure you can go. Shouldn’t he have known that he might be short of money, when the tickets went on sale?