Thoughts regarding remix subscription:

When I was first informed about the remix subscription, I was expecting something different. I was expecting… different interpretations of, I thought it was supposed to be Burn it Down only, but in light of the most recent remix, it seems that they are doing other songs. Not that these aren’t different interpretations of the songs, but I meant I thought Linkin Park was going to put out different versions, or interpretations of their own songs, and I thought that would be kind of cool.

Not that the remixes aren’t appreciated or cool, I really enjoy some of them. Some of them are just… a bit too techno-ish for me, which is still enjoyable, just not my usual preference.

I would have to say so far though, that Burn it Down (RAC mix) just so happens to be my favorite, and the newest one, Until It Breaks (Datsik remix) is my 2nd favorite. I haven’t really listened to the other two that much.

What are other people’s thoughts?

My favourite of all the remixes is the RAC BID mix. It reminds me a little of David Bowie and it keeps the essence of the song, but doesn’t feel like a carbon copy. The other remixes though … pffft.

That most of them have been BID is lame, in my opinion. They had scope to remix a different track each time, but didn’t. The other BID remixes sound terrible and you can hardly recognise them as BID, and Until It Breaks isn’t my favourite track on Living Things, so the remix is lost on me. However, it was great to get another remix that wasn’t BID.

So yeah, it’s been mediocre at best so far. Let’s see if they can squeeze out a Lost In The Echo remix. That’s the one I’m most hoping for.

the RAC BID remix for me was the best. The others i thought were awful!

At first I thought BURN IT DOWN (RAC remix) was actually better than BURN IT DOWN. The original has grown on me, though, but I still like the RAC remix.

The rest of the remixes are just the same old technocrap that I’ve heard a thousand times before. Okay, UNTIL IT BREAKS (Datsik remix) is okay, has a piano part too, but the two others are really, really bad in my opinion.

I expected a remix of each song, and I expected each remix to not only be different from the original, but also different from the other remixes. If they continue all these techno remixes without just a single actually musically creative remix, I’ll be really disappointed.

I think RAC was the best.