Thoughts on Detroit show?

What are your thoughts. Obviously it was an amazing concert :slight_smile:

It was fucking great!!!

Adam is soo sexy in person lol JUST SAYING

and the guys were very nice at the meet and greet. Looking Chester in the eyes. So dreamy lolol

I loved LP’s performance. It’s a night that I will never forget. I was surprised that they played With You, Lying From You, and even a bit of Qwerty-lost a buck on that haha! I, however, was disappointed that the people in the pit didn’t give LP even a little bit of love. They were playin some jammin’ songs-I mean With You, Faint, Lying From You, and Given Up were their first four-and the crowd barely moved. yeah they sang along but ya just gotta do more then that at that kind of a show. it seemed like half of 'em were on there phones the entire time. They wouldn’t have survived 2 minutes of a Five Finger Death Punch concert-I can tell you that for certain. That pissed me off, cuz I love LP and wish I could have had those tickets, but I couldn’t afford them, so my best friend and I sat in the upper deck. we had great seats too.