This or That?

yo! cause its convenient for work :slight_smile:

adidas or nike ? (sport companies )


Crawling or One Step Closer?

O_O It’s soooooo hard for me to choose!! I think I like the song “One Step Closer” better than “Crawling,” but I like the music video for “Crawling” better, soooo I think I’d have to choose “One Step Closer” cause that’s the first LP song I’ve ever heard and I was hooked instantly. The bridge of that song is just so cathartic! :heart:

Numb or In the End?

Wrong thread guys… it isn’t LP vs LP

Hats or wrist watches

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But it’s still this or that! :smiley: Actually I didn’t know LP vs LP was a thread. I gotta find it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Beagles or Basset Hounds?

Here you get it…


Drums or casio

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I didn’t know what to answer yesterday jajaja.


Despacito or baby?

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Death lol

Insects or reptiles

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Nice answer! :joy:




Truth or Dare?

Illuminati or masons?


Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, or Robert Trujillo?

These are three options :grin:, alright:

Jason Newsted ( I chose how I like their appearance)

Short hair or long hair

@LP13413 you can manage to go hollywood bowl??!!!

Right now, long

I’m not going

Real or Fake plants?

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Real ones for sure

Sparkling or silent (? - lol without sparkle ) water

(Ot: :pensive: @lp13413 work issues?? )


Black or Pink?

ticket + travel + hotel + Los Angeles = way too pricey

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Metal or wood

Ot: shiit , and, yes same here: if we wouldn’t have managed to sell the family car- I couldn’t effort it either and it’s really much money… - but in fact I was this rational my whole life, so wtf…:see_no_evil:. I guessed I would even have taken a credit- it’s an everlasting memory … lol :joy: And I imagined we would meet and do some yoga there, as warm up for the show… :laughing: Would have been nice :grin:

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Mac or PC?


Bath or shower

Mimosa or red wine?