The World Tree

Does anyone know about the World Tree of Norse mythology, Yggdrasil? Or does anyone know of another World Tree of another belief system?

The Yggdrasil is a giant tree of ash or yew that connects the heavens, earth, and the underworld. Which is cool in an of itself. But what I want to know, if it is a magic tree, and if I can swing it as also the Tree of Magic? What do you all think?


no never heard of it

ehm…NO? LOL

The world tree is common throughout many cultures,the americas,germanic(norse) finnish and most european.My understanding is its a conection between the heavens,earth & the underworld.Most commonly known as odins horse,there should be no trouble linking it to magic as the indians of the americas considered it to have magical properties.W;-)

Okay. Thank you. Do you think it could still be called Yggdrasil if it was more magical?

I dnt think the name would change as it is known by several different names depending on the culture.The indian cultures of south america considered it to be a source of dark magic,as with most things oure beliefe of something makes it what it is.! Hope this helps,just remember be carefull what you wish for.W;-)

Thank you, thank you for your help! I’m writing a story and I didn’t want to misrepresent the Yggdrasil. Since that’s really one of the only names I am familiar with for it. Thank you again!^^