The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

… and the first game The Witcher are probably the finest RPGs and some of the finest games ever made. Not being very main stream, small great dedicated dev team, constantly taking inputs from fans (heck Bioware is taking lessons, looking forward to ME3)
so any other witcher junkies out there?

I haven’t played the first one, but I jumped on The Witcher 2 when it first came out. Didn’t get a lot of time to play it, and I’m looking forward to putting more time into it after Skyrim. I read a lot of awesome things about the 2.0 update so I’m really excited to start it up again.

It’s also one of the best looking PC games ever, up there with Battlefield 3.

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It is one of the must play games if your a gamer
one of the best overall games made, the plot, choices, setting, graphics, gameplay, music all are perfect!