The 'Trololo-Guy' is dead

Hi everyone,

I just read the internet news and found out that the ‘Trololo-Guy’, aka. Eduard Khil is dead.
According to the article I read, he didn’t get fine again, after he suffered from a brainshock in this year’s April.

An english source:

Best regards and my deepest condolences for the 'rololo-Family,

Troll in Peace trololo guy :frowning:


Rest In Peace! :slight_smile:

I showed this vid to my mum who studied music - she said he is very talented, as it’s very difficult song to sing not out of tune. He became my family’s favourite musician somehow :smiley: When I’m bored I’m humming this song:)

So sad he left us :<

so he came up with name it memes really called meems should be spell as meems -.-
there is only one meme -.-