The Person Above Me


tpam had fun for thanksgiving


Tpam is a nice person

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Aww thanks jasper

The person above me is a great person

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The person above me has a nice orange colour profile pic… i dunno why but i always like this colour :smile::smile: hehe
How are you! :smile::smiley: Loong time! :hugs: Hugs!

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Tpam likes hugs :stuck_out_tongue:


Tpam doesn’t??? I like to give hugs lol.

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The person above me is Mia.

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The person above me is? :neutral_face: What do you call male then? If female is mia? :sweat_smile:


M.I.A. means missing in action lol.

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The person above me is a good friend

@Honey8 I’m fine thanks for the hugs :grin:

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You know what , i was 50% sure that i was misinterpreting that :joy::joy: then thought doesn’t matter someone will tell me what that means very soon!

That’s great to hear! :smiley: Stay Awesome !

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Is a good friend


Tpam is an awesome writer!! :heart_eyes:


Tpam is my sweet soulsis and I love her so very much :heart: Be blessed and stay awesome dear @Honey8 buzzy :honeybee:

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TPAM is just wonderful in every way

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Tpam is like a daughter for me and I love her like if she really is :heart: With a heartwarming attitude and talented over the edge :kissing_heart:

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TPAM posted last year :laughing:

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Tpam is someone I have missed! :scream::sob:

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Tpam has been away from here awhile.


Team is another person I’ve missed :crazy_face: and she should give us a tour of her super professional cubicle I heard of :grin:

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