The Person Above Me

TripleXero might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.

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If I was a girl, that might have offended me, but my long hair is manly

Gatsie is wrong

TripleXero isn’t playing the game right

Gatsie is going crazy, because I obviously didn’t edit my last post to make it look like I didn’t forget

TripleXero didn’t quite make the jump to light-speed, because his one-track mind just had a derailment.

Gatsie tried the ketchup :open_mouth:

lpchris1 didn’t want to try the ketchup:

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Gatsie creeps hard on 'em pastas

TripleXero had to fart and lose it all.

@gatsiesheikar but in the end it didn’t even matter to @TripleXero (just trying to go with the lyrics. that’s all :P)


amitrish has become so numb, and can’t feel his bum

^ this person once found a dirty piece of candy on the ground and ate it…

@intheend Can’t reply to texts

@TripleXero is a butt face

@intheend you’re back… ewwwww >_<

that was supposed to be a secret :stuck_out_tongue:

@purrfect will trade video games for milk. meouch

has na great profile picture

Happy @Haileyjade helped herself hysterically hop homeward

amitrish didn’t look out below to watch the taco go out the window & intheend accidentally swallowed some Scrabble tiles. His next crap could spell disaster.