The Last Post Thread

No, we just need a gazillion of random posts till we get there, if we do.

:lollipop::unicorn: unicorns and lollipops

Pop a flare and signal @NickGr , we’ll bring this thread to its knees. :joy:


Well yeah why the heck not :smiley: The more the merrier! This is a thread that never ends…

Behold the kings of spam :joy:

Oh, I have a feeling this will get real weird lol


Ok we spam here I don’t get it


Some one explain it to me please

And it goes on and on my friends…

Some people started singing it not knowing what it was

It is a thread where you post anything @turners34

But people kept on singing it just because


Then :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Then hypno toad came and controlled everyone

We are missing something


I wonder if this thread will outrank the last letter game :joy: :thinking:

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When you bordered you make a simple game :sweat_smile: