Texas, El Paso and Dayton shooting

Hey people. I know this a serious item. But is there anyone here on the LP community that heard or seen something? That’s bothering you? That you need to get off your chest? Tell us, we can help you. We will talk to you and listen to you :heart:

And if there is someone here that lost someone during the shooting, it’s up to you to tell us, if you want. Just know that we will listen :heart:

Take care of yourself and each other. :pray:
Stop fighting, spread love


Well it’s important to me, but it’s probably silly to y’all…
About the Linkin Park app, it’s been shut down for quite a while now and I’m starting to get worried… :sweat_smile:

It’s not coming back. Well I think it’s not coming back, but more people think that. :confused:

If it’s important to you, its not silly. You can share if you want. :wink:

Oh…well thanks for telling me! :slight_smile: