Texan LPU members!

Haha, calling all LPU members from Texas! I’m making this thread again from the old LPUMB - I think were were on version 2. Can’t quite remember but here it is again!

What part of Texas are you from? Did you go see LP in Dallas and/or Houston this past tour?

I’m from Houston! :slight_smile: I saw LP in both cities SO grateful they rescheduled! :smiley: also if you did go to either of these shows, did you see a Texan flag? :smiley: I brought those to the shows. XD Oh btw my name is Ana. :slight_smile:

Yep, we were at the Houston show last year & have reserved seats for this years show in Houston again. We live in San Antonio, so Houston is closer. Can usually only go to one show cause of my hubby’s work schedule. Last year I got a M&G & it was our first LP show. It was amazing. I love the shows they put on. I’m just wondering how the M&G works at an outdoor venue? I’m so ready for the end of June to get here for the album & Aug. for the show. I hope they play more off the new album since we will have had time to get to know it. Of course I love the old stuff, but I love all the changes too. I am a die hard fan for the guys.

I live in Houston and have been to the Projekt Rev 07’ tour and last years rescheduled show. I still haven’t gotten a M&G but I can always hope. I really hope they play a good variety of songs on this new tour and I think they will considering the set list for 2011 ATS tour. I can’t wait to get my hands on my tickets :smiley:

Wow my old thread lol.
Hey guys! I’m from Houston. :smiley: nice to meet some fans in my area, I went to both shows last year (Houston, Dallas) had a M&G in 08 at PR, so yes they do M&G’s but with the new format I’m not sure how they’d do it…KROQ weenie roast didn’t have a group pic so idk

Well, I’m proud to say that I’ll see them this year in Dallas on Aug 27th! WOOOOO!

Awesome! I hit Dallas last year then Houston day after, very tiring lol.

There’s gotta be more Texans around here :smiley:

Awesome. I’m 99% sure I’m going to be at that show. Are you going with friends?

Anyone here got their M&G email for Houston yet. I’m waiting and haven’t gotten anything :frowning: Hopefully I do. I was just wondering if anyone has. Thanks.

Yeah I did the Meet & Greet in Houston this year it was nice but short and very impersonal. I was super happy to have gotten selected and even happier I got a shirt signed.

I always look forward to them coming back to town. I missed last years show but caught them with Chris Cornell a few years back and thats such an awesome show. I would love to be able to catch them again this year but I don’t think thats going to happen.

m&g would have been sweet but didnt get chosen, got to see the concert from section 103 so im pretty happy

next yr im doing the pit!