Tattoos Honoring Chester



Met Mike in Los Angeles last week. This is what he drew for me on my arm.


I got mines done 08/25/2018


I had a portrait of Chester done 5 months ago


That’s beautiful!!!

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It’s insane! My favourite tattoo I’ve got


Absolutely love this tattoo!!!


and you turned it into a tattoo?? Gr8 idea!! Love it!!


So I am trying to figure out a tattoo that shows:
my left is right
my ups are down
my insides out

anyone got any ideas??


Just to clarify, this is not mine. An artist at the studio I go to drew it and posted it online. I think it’s pretty dope!


This is my tattoo, done on my birthday (19th feb 2019) Using the lyrics as a thankyou to chester for his music and his fight. Also to remind me that i’m not alone in this world when sometimes thats all you feel.


I still can’t get over how beautiful this is. Where did you go & Who was your tat artist if I may ask? @itachi90


This is beautiful. I want to get some lyrics tatted as well. Yours really turned out amazing & so perfect. Love it :clap:t3::heart:


Thank you for the very kind words Nihility, I had it done at ‘Heartless Vandals Tattoo Lounge’ - by Ashy B. Her work is incredible. I’m so glad it came out as good as it did! Reminds my everyday that when we have our own battles to fight, someone else has too therefore we are not alone. I’ve loved chester since hybrid theory and to have the lyrics he sang as that reminder is even more special to me. keep me posted if you get some lyrics done, I’d love to see :blush: @a.hooley

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