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My turn…

  1. I got mail today and apparently i live in New Zealand
  2. I got Taylor Swift’s new album
  3. I went to the cinema to see Murder on the Orient Express

@NickGr @Honey8

  1. Im tired
  2. I want to sleep
  3. I really really want to sleep

@framos1792 @jabinquaken

  1. I got a collection of Hot Wheels die casts.
  2. I got a collection of fruit stickers.
  3. I got a collection of action figures.

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spills salvia with envy

Anyway, my turn:
Got to lift up myself from the bed
Today I’ve got particularly nothing to do but some homework
Played a lot of Skyrim recently
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I’ve nearly finished Stranger Things (the game)
I sold my bicycle - cos I can’t ride it anymore, and it was collecting dust - 7 hours after listing it!
I was really angry with CB today for dying - I don’t know why - but today it really pissed me off.

@theearlywalker and @ironsoldier16

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Over 200 pieces.


-I can be overly immature sometimes
-I got caught on ditch day going to another school; turned out the two principals were close friends and laughed their butts off at my stupidity(naturally a girl was involved lol…)
-got caught freshman year tryna have English teacher take fart powder in a drink :see_no_evil:

@aaran @annejprado you’re up


O…M…G… you’re hilarious :rofl:

  1. just woke up :zzz:

  2. I need to stop procrastinating

  3. I have a headache



:frowning: get well sooon!! :hugs:

  1. I got reprimanded for exceeding my internet usage(hefty phone bill)
  2. Been reading alot of books, trying to escape into an alternate universe
  3. Had a terrible Friday night(I cried alot)

You’re next (idk you guys but heyyy)
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Me again :smiley:

  1. I am a tech&gadget fan
  2. I have a mobile phone grown with with my hand
  3. I love logical games and games that train your brain :slight_smile:

@rorybourdon go! :slight_smile:

  • I like ice cream. But my teeth can’t stand the cold.
  • I studied education for Primary School.
  • One of my favourite movies is The Fifth Element.

@purrfectlp @GioS go!

  1. I woke up recently.

  2. I’m breakfasting.

  3. I have to go to the market.

@the_termin8r JK

@evooba or @gatsie

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Argentina… Told you haha really far away. Thank you for the offer, but I think it will be a little bit cheaper if I buy it here hahaha


Ok so

  1. I am running a video blog but it’s not good
  2. I hate Christmas
  3. I love to go to the cinema

@neeksnz @theearlywalker


@framos1792 thanks for the tag

Stayed up all night watching Christmas specials

My first l.p. concert was 2001 back when I was 18 it was a free Lpunderground concert

Later today I’m going to buy our Christmas tree

@Well_We_Do your up


thanx @rorybourdon @aaran @neeksnz and today b-day soldier @honey8 - lol yeah- and it was three days ago- for tagging me ( thinking about starting the “early-walkers-diary” thread - thinking it over, the idea feels just… dunnow- what you guys think? You like me to do this? )

anyways, here we go… starting with the bad:

  • I am mad- pissed and absolutely upset :nauseated_face: about the iphone glitch- or - what I call it: mega desaster- on a few iphone models (the 5SE I owe included)!!! Guuuys- imagine: every 2 or so minutes it closes :scream: and gets to the start side- and you need to log in again- :roll_eyes: I mean, yesterday was sunday and I used my tablet for the WA and the forums- as I do now- but yeah- today it’s monday and it’s one of the worst case scenario to have such a creepy and unreliable piece of sh*** with me :rage:

  • I had a twelve hours sleep-from yesterday afternoon until one hour ago- it wasn’t planned- but it just felt incridible to have the opportunity to do this- my own lil personal freedomspace :heart_eyes:

  • starting to get in christmas mood- first letters, cards and decorations are made- it will be x-mas of a diffrent kind this year- but yeah, that means it has a chance to become better than the usual ones the last years, and I look forward to finally have holidays and time on my own :blush:

aaaaaand I tag @ironsoldier16, @NickGr aaaand last not least @Well_We_Do (thanx to the lots of love you share with me sister :yellow_heart: )

  1. I want a cat.

  2. I want a cat.

  3. I want a cat.

4. I want a cat.

  1. I’m tired right now.

  2. I’ve been reading almost 20-40 topics per day.

  3. I like bother/troll people.

  4. Joined here is the best thing that I could do this year.

I won’t tag anyone, there a lot of soldiers tagged who have not participated yet.


I think @ironsoldier16 wants a cat - but I’m not 100% certain on this…
@agusdbianco - awwww man, yeah, that’s a lot more far away than I was expecting…:smiley:
@clarecow - :hugs: - sorry you had a dumb Friday - I hope your weekend was better!
@theearlywalker - any chance they are going to put out a fix? How annoying! :open_mouth: This is why I never apply updates for a couple of weeks - wait to see what happens! Not much help to you right now though :frowning:

  1. I am such a klutz, today I was walking up the stairs with a box of phones - the box wasn’t taped up at the bottom…nek minit…phones all over the stairs - bad day to be a phone…
  2. I’m dreading my employee coming back next week - it’s much easier and less tiring when he’s not around. And I feel terrible for feeling that way.
  3. I have a really bad sugar addiction

@agusdbianco and @Mel_4