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Get well soon @samuel_the_leader and thanx for the reminder- and congrats @OneMoreLight2017 for the badge! You deserve it :+1:t2: @charlie1531 please don’t do this further on, try at least to post in the right threads at the right time, we all try to still welcome you here, and you have had a ban ending only two weeks ago… it honestly feels like trolling - or is there a reason besides trolling that you act like this?
Ok, my facts:

  • To meet @AJ_7 last weekend was such a great experience- to talk to someone face to face with whom I have build up such a solide bonding on a virtual base the last few years was an amazing experience- she understood me without words :heart_eyes:

  • I love the vision that somehow it will happen to make us all meet someday and I started to really pray for this to happen :heart_eyes:

  • I ordered my mystery bundle on saturday- and it feels a bit that they clean up the stores with it, and this development plus the new merch with the new logo plus Dave, Rob and Mike in the studio together are very positive signs for new LP music soon :heart_eyes: (imo)

@ashesoftime and @Lilyope you go siS


Thank sis @OneMoreLight2017 and @theearlywalker for tagging me!!

  1. I watched the film “The shape of water” as I said. I like it so much and I cried haha :joy:
  2. I will post my drawing of Chester’s birthday tomorrow and I hope you like it!! :hugs:
  3. You all are a great family!!

@framos1792 @hilaryfol


-accidentally messed with a beehive but made it out cleanly :sweat_smile:
-job lined up for summer :blush:
-I’m sleepy :bowing_man:

@LPUgrl2 and @Woco21

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Thank you @sabje102 and @theearlywalker for tagging me. :kissing_heart:

  • I’m so unlucky right now. Everything I throw away come back to me, like a frisbee. :joy::sob:
  • I’m looking for a good serie on Netflix, I don’t know which one I can begin.
  • I need to stop thinking.

It’s your turn @melisLP !


Hang in there dear sis, night becomes darker right before the dawn and we all love you and hold your back! :hugs::heart:️, sending strengh and power your way :muscle:t2::kissing_heart:


@purrfectlp & @turners34 What are u two up to?

  1. Working on something for my English class and realizing what should have been a paragraph is turning into more of a letter but I just have a lot to say about this topic
  2. SAT day tomorrow
  3. Going to try to get a lot of rest tonight so I will be ready to take it in the morning

@IronSoldier16. @melisLP

  1. I’m ill yet. I don’t know what I have now.
  2. I have a new haircut.
  3. I’m writing new stories and histories.

@Honey8 and @rickvanmeijel you’re next.


D; a bunny
(pokes with carrot stick)

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Looking forward to your new stories! And get well soon :slight_smile:

  1. Met up with @AJ_7 and @gatsie today. It was so nice meeting you, thanks guys!
  2. I’ve been rediscovering The Roots’ music lately, they’re such a cool band.
  3. Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow :sweat_smile::tada:

@ashesoftime @jFar920


Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:️ and i love your profile picture btw !

  • It feels so weird to be back
  • I love to spend time with my dogs
  • I hope to keep the motivation ongoing …

I tag @theearlywalker ?


Thanks for the tags!!

I’m at the TD Garden for the Bruins game.
I got the tickets this morning.
This game has been awesome.

Bonus: I maybe buzzed



Thank you @sforreal :slight_smile:
I hope you keep the motivation,too!

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  1. I have sleeping problems.
  2. So I was awake till 4am and reading books.
  3. Today I started to support the ‘Black Speep’ organization.


I am sorry to hear that you have sleeping problems I know they are the worse @anngelenee

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I hope will be better soon :slight_smile: thanks for care :hugs:

Thanks @rickvanmeijel

  1. I’m happy for @gatsie @rickvanmeijel and @AJ_7 met this last weekend! I hope you enjoyed !!!
  2. I’m watching the marvel series “The punisher”.
  3. It’s 2 episodes left to watching “The Bates motel”.

@lpfan61 and @lpaniist


Thanks for the tag dear! :blush:

1- It’s raining every day since last week… :umbrella:
2- I hope to meet the soldiers tooooo!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: someone’s going to Italy next holidays?? :eyes: :heart_eyes:
3- My birthday’s in July :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :rofl:

Next @melisLP and @Mel_4


Thanks for the tag :blush:

  1. I suddenly got a big crush on Mike :heart_eyes: (like a week ago)
  2. I’m really tired right now :sleeping: :ski:
  3. The wifi here is really slow :unamused:

I’m tagging @OneMoreLight2017 and @framos1792


Thank you @lpaniist :slight_smile:

1.I’m a little bit tired, because I stayed up late to work on my line for Chester’s birthday
2.I’m doing some stuff before I’m off to work
3.I’m happy when this week is over.

I’m tagging @georkost and @raz7