STILL have not received my lanyard!

So I ordered LPU with the LT preorder, and got the CD a day early, and have gotten everything I am suppose to, except the lanyard. Supposedly, those lanyards were mailed out the first week of June. If so, I should have received mine around the same time I got LT. I’m in the US, just about an hour outside of a major city, so I wouldn’t think it would take over a month to receive it. I buy stuff online all the time and never ran into any problems like this, and I’m getting extremely antsy. If I don’t have it before August 19, will I still get early entrance to the Civic Tour in Alpharetta, GA?

Contact support. Post office probably lost it. It happens

I ordered my LPU Pass 1st June and it didn’t came yet too

[quote=EvoOba]Contact support. Post office probably lost it. It happens

I contacted ground ctrl, and they told me to contact Warner Bros. So I contacted Warner Bros., and they told me to contact ground ctrl. It’s extremely frustrating, but hopefully soon it will be resolved. Ground ctrl was able to tell me something useful though - they are waiting on the information to get to them from Warner Bros., and if I don’t receive it before the concert I can print my receipt and get into the show early!

Honestly I don’t think you need the lanyard for early entry… For someone like me, I’m still on LPUX and I get the same benefits as the annual LPU 11 people. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’ll come. Just gotta wait and see what happens.

[quote=shotgunopera][quote=EvoOba]Contact support. Post office probably lost it. It happens

I renewed my membership seperately from LT - I’m still waiting on my T, etc… not worried about it though