Song title game--excluding LP/FM/DBS & songs ending with e and y

End of the Dream - Evanescence

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My Melancholy Blues - Queen

Supposed to be - Icon For Hire

(I should be without E but)

Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin

Let the sparks fly - Thousand Foot Krutch

Here’s a y then :joy:

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Seems I should give a LP/FM/DBS thing now :wink: But I’ve got nothing on my mind…

You - Ten Sharp

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Under the Knife - Icon For Hire

Thx a lot

Everybody - Macy Gray


There are a lot of songs that end in e and y lol.

You Can’t Kill Us - Icon For Hire

Song # 3 - Stone sour

Erase this - Evanescence

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Salvation - Skillet

Needles - System of a down

Spicks and Specks - Bee Gees

Stop - Sam Brown

Pieces - Icon For Hire

Special Needs - Placebo

Savior - Rise Against

Rolling in the Deep - guess who on the mic


Pulse - Icon For Hire