"Somewhere I Belong"

Hello LPU! This is a great site! I’ve been a fan for a decade and finally joined this year. Wish I would I would have joined years ago. I have a question, since so many of you seem to be in the know. Last year I went and saw LP in Kansas City. I was a little shocked when they didn’t play “Somewhere I Belong.” Yes, I know that there are many great songs and they do try to represent every album and there is only so much time. Wasn’t that song a huge single when it was out? Any thoughts? Thanks for your replies.

SIB has been a staple in LP’s live show from 2003 to 2009.

For the last album, their focus was more a concept of playing as many songs from ATS as they could, while also retaining most of their singles in the set (and No More Sorrow), so SIB was a no-show the entire tour.

With Living Things about to be released, and it having elements of every prior album, they’ve been starting to bring old songs back to the set. Songs like With You, Runaway and Somewhere I Belong are in their current set, and will probably remain for the Honda Civic Tour.

Somewhere I Belong has been brought back, hopefully you’ll be at a show with it on the set list!

tater tot

Thanks for the answers. Makes sense to me. If it is played or not, I’ll be a happy camper at the concert in August.

I hope that they play Somewhere I Belong in Mexico, is also one of my favorites, when my little brother was 3 I tought him the lyrics and he used to “sing” with me in the car hahahaha it was hilarious because he mispelled every word but he used to think that he was really singing it… Good times :’)