Love these guys amazing songs!!

i love slipknot, too! and i agree that corey has a unique voice, and a fantastic vocal range.

Great band next to Joey’s Murderdolls!! Must have on a ‘Want to see LIVE - list’
Best albums for me ‘Iowa’ and ‘All Hope Is Gone’.

Love iowa!!
Also have the disasterpiece dvd

I agree :smiley:

They’re amazing! I have to admit I’m so impressed with Corey Taylor… his talent, his voice. I mean, he leads both Slipknot and Stone Sour, which both in my opinion have been creating great music.

What I like the most about Slipknot is the epic guitar riffs and drum beats in every song, energetic vocals and screams.

very good band
psychosocial, left behind and before i forget some of the best songs :slight_smile:

Slipknot(1999) ----2yrs—> Iowa(2001) -----3yrs----> vol.3(2004) ------>4yrs---->AHIG(2008)---->5yrs? 2013? I dont wanna wait that long for the next album :smiley:

I believe it will be released 21 december 2012, Slipnkot won’t miss the opportunity to realease a seriously apocalyptic album :smiley:

I believe it will be released 21 december 2012, Slipnkot won’t miss the opportunity to realease a seriously apocalyptic album :smiley:

A few days ago I was listening to Slipknot lying on bed with heaphones on and I found something interesting in the booklet of All hope is gone: the creator of booklet and all the photos, and also cover is PR Brown. I checked his site out, but I couldn’t find any info about where was the photo for cover taken… I’d love to visit that place :smiley:

What’s interesting the same guy created covers for disturbed albums and many more bands, also directed many vids like Sulfur and Psychosocial :slight_smile:

Great band, my second favourite (after LP)! They have shown great progress over the years and I would love to hear new music from them and attend another one of their concerts! I saw them at this year’s Sonisphere Festival in Athens, which was their first live appearance since the death of Paul!

Sooooo sweet

Awesome band. Been a fan since they first started, which is a pretty young age for their style of music.
Taylor has an amazing voice range, from stone sour to slipknot.

Yeah SlipKnot are an awesome band and fucking crazy!!

They have real potential to make great music, but all their songs are the same and theres way too much screaming. Songs like Wait and Bleed and Before I Forget are great but other are ridiculous. Corey needs to sing more like in Psychosocial because he has the skills

I’ve been a big fan since The Subliminal Verses era, will be seeing them live for the first time this summer.

Out of interest, does anyone in the Underground have a genuine copy of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat? I don’t, but I’m always interested in knowing who has one of the 1000 copies.

I don’t have anything rare from Slipknot myself, other than the original version of the self-titled album (containing Frail Limb Nursery and Purity).

Their music is boring. And the voice is not unique. But I really used to listen to a lot of SlipKnot.

I think they got dropped from their label or something.

they are coming back to aus

:joy::joy: 6 years later, makes me lol, I saw them in Munich in January- COREY IS A BEAST on the stage… if you get the opportunity- you must catch it :heart_eyes::tada::metal:t2:

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