Shows Your LP Viddy Impersonate Contest Here

As we know LP just released some Linkin Park production filters for the Viddy iPhone app. And they having this LP Viddy Impersonate Contest.

I wanna know how many of you are join this contest, post your Viddy video here.

Good luck for everyone :slight_smile:

PS. Feel free to follow me, my Viddy username : purnamalp
Hereโ€™s my Vid wish you will like it :))) and goodluck for all of you :slight_smile:

Where are we actually supposed to show it so they will see it?

This is the detail of the contest LP Viddy Contest

A few months bak me and my cousin did this vid we did it cose we always said phi looks irish so when this comp was anouced we added the LP viddy afect its more of a joke vid