Shoreling pre-sale tickets are TBD. I went into Chula Vista to see what came up and they were general admission tickets. Shoreline doesn’t have floor seats,maybe that’s why there is no pre-sale?

Adam has stated that tickets will be on sale eventually. The time is yet unknown.

I have been to that venue, and I will never go again for another LP concert. I prefer somewhere where the sound can be heard everywhere.

I’ve only been to Shoreline once, that was back in 2004 when LP was on tour with Korn and Snoop Dogg for that year’s Projekt Revolution. I had no issues with where I was sitting regarding sound. Maybe you were too far away.

I was at the BFD last year here with Linkin Park playing. Just want to say that lawn seats for this venue are horrible. Not a good experience when its in the crowd far away.

Shoreline update, please…

Glad you guys brought this up, was wondering why I couldn’t buy tickets to Shoreline