Shoes and other favorite things


Most I wear trainers as long as they looking like this


@amitrish I’m a size 6, is that small? Lol (Mike’s are a size 8 though, they didn’t come out in smaller sizes and I just had to getthem).

@Gatsie Honestly, I’m not just saying this because he designed them, but Mike’s are the best shoes I’ve ever owned. Comfy as f*ck, no damages at all, no leaks, no nothing. Pretty darn quality shoes.

@the_termin8r1 I’ve got a similar pair like the 1st you posted. Only used it once though lol

I might post my chucks, I have them in pretty much all the basic colors (besides black cause I have the “black monos” instead), and 1 pair of high tops special edition with guitars and stuff on them that are completely destroyed and unwearable lol .

Other than that, just a typical blue-black Vans slip-ons and another pair of white DCs.


Wow, nice thread. I like sneakers too, but I collect just 2 brands. Nike and Converse.

Some pairs look dirty caused by I’m too lazy to wash my sneakers :grin:


my favorite is Nike SB

but the latest I’ve bought was

Now I’m looking for another sneaker, Vans Old Skool Red. :heart_eyes:

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I prefer the Era ones over the Old Skools. Though I used to have checkered Old Skool Velcro Vans when I was in junior high. It was a “thing” lol.

Btw, which Nikes are those on top of the boxes?


I’m gonna post mine shoes & these shoes that I want to buy later, just posting to not to forget about thread


Ah me too, I had one Old Skool when I was in Senior High School, but the black one. Caused in Indonesia, Public School student must wear black shoes. So, Old Skool reminds me about my senior high school’s life. Oh, that was Nike SB Rabona Eva.


Well, at least you were allowed to wear whichever black shoes you wanted. Nice, I think after SBs (which are solemnly skate shoes) my favorites are definitely Jordans.


I could never decide which shoes are my favorite. I have a couple hundred pairs and love them all. But I’m really loving my Doc Martens.
By the way, this might be my favorite topic. I’m an avid collector of shoes!


I wanted to get a photo of my converse shoes but a) didn’t find my orange and green ones (they’re stored somewhere high in one of the closets), and b) I found a pair I had completely forgotten I even had and my old basketball shoes lol.

So, these are my limited edition ones with electric guitars on them. (Sorry they’re lace-less, I don’t wear them anymore). It’s a special pair cause I bought it from London the last time I was there as a kid.

From these, I don’t wear the white ones (the pair I had forgotten I had), the black monos and dark red ones I wear the most. The yellow ones I wear in the summer when I go to the beach.

And lastly, I found these; slip-on Vans and an old pair of white DCs.


What do you do with so many shoes?


I don’t wear most of them anymore. But, I match shoes with clothes so… but I love skate shoes and I collect them. It usually takes me a while to have the money to buy a pair but I never give up. For example, my last purchase was the Vans Atwood, I was saving up for a year and a half till I got them.

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The real question appeared at post #30.
Is there a possible way to paint a forum thread pink? This deserves it.


Can somebody please explain the hype behind converse shoes? I’ve tried them and they’re not comfortable, I’ve seen them leak dye when they get wet and from what I can tell they’re overpriced jumped up plimsolls.

I forgot to mention before that I used to have Bugatti shoes. I got them the first time I went to Germany a couple of years ago. And no Bugatti the shoe company has nothing to do with the car company.


I have these shoes:

Vans ISO 1.5

Love them. So comfortable. They also look cool.

Vans Sk8-Hi MTE

I’m going to buy Vans Old Skool:

I want:

  • Vans Old Skool - white and black
  • Nike Roshe Run - all black and grey/speckled/geometric pack


Wow I’ve fucked up something with these photos, I’ll try to upload them one more time
Edit: Fixed


@the_termin8r1 It’s up to each person I guess. I’ve worn mine in rain and snow and my feet never got wet. They’re just cool, going-with-everything type of shoes. Lots of types and designs and whatever to choose from.
Not suitable for sports though, I actually wonder how in hell they played basketball in these back in the day.

@xTirea the MTE high tops are great, I love that collection. Not a fan of athletic looking shoes, I’ll stick with the skate versions of these lol.


For me, they are relatively cheap than my other casual shoes. Also, generally they are the only ones that are available at my shoe size (11) on a regular shopping day, else I end up putting requests at the stores and wait until they revert in a week or so.


I want foot shaped shoes kinda like theses

Toe protection is non existent though.

My ultimate shoes would look like that (in terms of shape) and will have carbon fibre toe tips with carbon fibre arch vertebrae within the neoprene itself over the top of the foot and then more carbon fibre behind the heel. And finally for the sake of maintaining even wear on the soles I would have a carbon fibre rim around the outside of the sole.


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I also remember owning these dark blue Timberland boots with orange laces.

This is the only pic I could find