Shinoda in Leeds

Nothing for me either. Maybe we won’t hear until tomorrow.

Or maybe others who are not here chipping in … won.
So we don’t know if we should wait longer ? Or we just don’t win.

It’d be nice to send rejection emails.

Ahh stressful… yes rejection mails would be good :smile:

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Nothing here and havent heard of anyone receiving one

I got one :scream: cannot belive it!! :scream:

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Well done!

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Thanks! :pray::pray:

I’ve just been watching last night’s show on YouTube. Sounds amazing. I kinda wish he’d play more from Post-Traumatic, but I get why he’s playing so many LP songs at the festival shows because he’s trying to find a balance to win over new fans. Cannot wait for tomorrow.

For anybody else who hasn’t got a meet and greet, I’m going to head to the main stage at around midday to 1pm and will be staying there until Mike gets on stage to try and get as close to the barrier as possible. From past experience, people leave after each set and you can edge forward even more. I cannot imagine too many people will be hardcore TrashBoat or Protoje fans, but I could be wrong. Skindred have been around for ages, so could be busy.

Let’s try to get the front of the crowd energetic for Mike! :slight_smile:

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I’m about doing the same. :slight_smile: hope I will meet some Mike, LP fans before the show. Would be great to be close to each other …to sing songs together as loud as we can sing, as loud so Mike can hear it!! :slight_smile:

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I like your style!

My email was in my junk mail, have you checked there?

Pack for wet weather everyone!!!

My email and my little sister’s email went to the junk folder too! Always worth a check!

I’ve been checking yesterday and today too, but no chance that it will appear even there.

So I just watched the live stream. That was by far the best performance I have ever seen Mike do as a solo artist. If we even get half of the energy at Leeds, it’ll make the rain worth it!!!

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Been wide awake since 5:30 lol. Today is the day!!! Got my emergency waterproof poncho at the ready lol

Haha I’ve packed ponchos too! Got up at 3 because I had to leave the house at 4 :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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No way, how far are your travelling from? I feel quite lucky now. Its just under 2 hours from my house to both Reading and Leeds. I’m smack in the middle.

We originally had Reading tickets, but had a last minute change of plan so sold for face value on Twickets and I got a single Leeds ticket.

I’m coming down from Glasgow! The drive is usually only 3.5 hours but we planned a stop for breakfast lol! I’d have liked to go to Reading, but settled for Leeds because it’s just more convenient :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, this is going to sound like a really weird request but did anyone manage to get a picture of the flag at the end of the set? When they zoomed in on it on the big screen and you could see the word “Leeds” on it? You could see my signature really clearly on the screen and I tried to take a picture, but I was so cold my hands were shaking and I wasn’t quick enough :joy: