Share your experience! - Post Traumatic Tour


Here it is, share your experience about Post Traumatic Tour! What concert did you go to, what did you feel and how amazing it was to see and sing along with Mike, and much much more!

This has to be not only a place to share thoughts, opinions, feelings but a diary too, to don’t forget anything about the show. Once you wrote it all down read it once again, close your eyes, take a breathe and live that atmosphere again.



Marilau - I will be attending the October 13th show in NYC - I will definitely come back and post my experience!! Thanks for creating this forum!!!

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I attended the NYC show on Saturday night at Pier 17. Such a happy, exciting, magical experience. Total celebration of Mike, Chester, and the LP Fans & Family. It was so joyful that I couldn’t stop smiling and singing. The show opened with Petrified, one of my favorite FM songs and the crowd went crazy singing along. Next up was I.O.U., which he killed! I can’t really explain how surreal it was up on the roof top with 40 story buildings, all lit up, and the harbor on all sides of us. In Stereo was next up, with Mike saying that he hadn’t played it in a long time & Dan and Matt hadn’t really played it at all. The crowd was super pumped! Make It Up As I Go was next and the fans were incredibly loud and excited singing along - so awesome! Then he played When They Come For Me and we lost our minds! Lots of arm waving and loud singing in the crowd!! Hold It Together was the next song, but before he played it, he talked a little bit about an interview he had done that day focusing on old stuff and how it made him realize how far we had all come in the last year. Then he asked for a shout-out to Anna and we screamed so loud that a few people probably lost their hearing temporarily :smile: Then he talked about how the tour has been about gratitude for the fans and the music and being able to play these shows & also for the evolution of the journey. Then he launched into Hold It Together, which was so great! Then the silly man asked if there were any LP fans in the crowd and after much screaming, he played Castle of Glass- very nice! Then Mike talked about how he feeds off our energy and being happy that we get where he is at & shout-out to Boris & Miss Oatmeal (multiples) in the crown as he started into Ghosts, which was super fun and awesome. The next song was Sorry For Now with incredible drum solo in the middle by Dan and Mike rapping the first verse of Lift Off (so cool) and then kicked right back into the end of SFN! Then the opening melody of Crossing A Line made the fans crazy - really loud singing - and kick-ass guitar playing and drumming parts from Mike. Roads Untraveled was up next and was absolutely beautiful (one of my favorites). Next came the most special moment of the night for me. Mike sang the first verse of Hands Held High over Wisdom, Justice, Love as the intro for Iridescent. This was the only time during the concert that I cried. So overcome by the emotion that the lyrics of this song that are still just as relevant today as they were when they were written 12-13 years ago. Then Iridescent completely filled my heart and soul with love. We sang so loud! So beautiful (another fave). Then Mike told a story about NYC and Jay-Z and how the mashups came together. Then they played my favorite mashup, Where’d You Go/Waiting For the End and it was EPIC!!! It made me very happy. Then Mike told us an awesome, touching story about Chester that was heartwarming and completely full of love. Then we all screamed our love for Chester & Mike asked us to sing Chester’s parts as loud as we could and started In The End, which segued into Numb and we all sang with our hearts. The next mashup was About You/Over Again/Papercut (with fan, David). And the crowd goes wild! Encore started with world premier of Robot Boy/World’s On Fire (complete with commentary from Mike about how good looking Matt is - totally!! Dan, too, for that matter). This was fantastic. Second encore song was Remember The Name and I lost my shit! So incredible. Next song was Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out(with David again) - better & better!!! Final song, of course, was Running From My Shadow with Mike in the crowd. This concert was absolute perfection and euphoria! All love, community, introspection, acceptance and celebration. So Happy!!! Thank you so much Mike Shinoda!


Reading what you wrote I couldn’t stop smiling: I know it’s an awesome experience, so unreal but we lived it! Mike really rocks it, so glad you could listen to all these songs :heart: I was wondering what if Mike would have played Petrified and I.O.U. at the concert in Milan (he had to change setlist I think because of time), thank you for having told it! When They Come For Me is a magical moment, yeah like every song he performs, but in WTCFM he shows all his energy and the crowd even improve the moment. So lucky you could listen to Iridescent :heart: It’s impossible hold the tears, matter of fact :wink:
Not to talk about In The End, the speech and when he aks “Would you sing Chester’s part?”
You passed a so good time! Have you got any pic or video to share with us? :grinning:

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@Marilau the story that Mike told about Chester was about LP’s first tour when they were the opening act and the headliner was really awful to them. They were touring the USA at the time and as the tour got to the west coast, One Step Closer starting getting heavy airplay. In fact, they had stopped at Chester’s dad’s house and as they were pulling into the driveway, OSC came on radio in the car and the DJ excitedly said that this was a new band, Linkin Park, and the singer was a local guy from Tempe, AZ. They all went crazy and Chester ran into the house, yelling to his dad that their song was on the radio! Several years later, the band were on tour again and one of the guys from the headlining band from their first tour had come by and was talking to Chester and he invited him into the tour bus where Mike was hanging out. At first everything was great and the guy was saying how popular LP had become. Chester and Mike thanked him for being cool & then the guy said “when I look back at your success, I think it should have been us.” Mike was pissed that this guy was so rude but Chester was like, “Good luck, you’re still playing music so I hope you have lots of success” & then the dude left. Chester came back into to the tour bus and Mike thought this person was the worst but Chester just said, “It’s all good.” Mike said he rarely tells that story because it’s kind of a weird one but that it really speaks to the person that Chester was. It was really good.!


Chester is really kind and a positive person :heart: So glad Mike could tell this story, Chester’s memory won’t be lost!

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Anyone know how long after a meet and greet he is sending the link?