Share to Earn Winners Announced

The winner for the share to earn contest have been announced.(LINK BELOW) Congratulations Angela Bright for being #1! Did anyone in the top 1000 get an email. I was in the top and didnt get an email yet. Did any of the top 1000 get an email yet?

I haven’t received an e-mail yet, and I’m pretty sure I was top 100.

I should have been in the top 100 too and I haven’t received an email yet either… I hope I get one… SOON!

Me too…I’m also in the top 100 - guess they’ll do that one next! I DID receive my email about the top 1000 prize. When you filled out your online form, did you notice the info about “winning a trip to LA to be part of a video shoot”? There was a link to enter the contest, but it doesn’t work! Anyone know anything else about this? I’m IN Los Angeles, but want to be part of this contest…wonder if they’ll announce something here, they haven’t so far. They need to put all us crazy folks in their VIDEO!!! I wanna be a part of it…I LOVE LP!! XXOO

I was in the top 1000 and didnt get an email