Sept. 7 live downloads

For the September 7th Shoreline Ampitheatre show, there is no listing on
where you can download live events. Please tell me whats going on:)

I have the same issue for the September 4 show and i already purchased it and received a confirmation email but no code to redeem yet

I’ve been waiting for The Woodlands show to show up, it was on August 28th. It says that they will be available within 3-5 days of the concert, its not. Sigh.

If I download the woodlands show what exactly is downloaded the show or jus the music I’ve never done this b4

I purchased the Aug 22 Cincy show on Aug 31 and wasn’t able to download it for another 4 days. It just might take a bit extra since your show just ended. Once it was up though I had a notification in red on my homepage that said I had downloads waiting.

Oh, and it came with all the songs and 12 or so pictures from the show.

Its just music and some pictures, my show I bought the next day after the show and it was available about 8 or so days after, so just keep checking and you will be able to download.

Thax… does anyone no if their gona b releasing a cd/DVD of any of Thez shows I really want the new slow mix of lev out all the rest

[surprised] Theres none for 8/15/12 either