Roads Untraveled Lyric Question

Hello, I have a question. In Roads Untravelled Linkin Park sings: "the love that you lost, wasnt worth what it cost and in time you ll be glad its gone."
But later they sing: " May your love never end."
Are these lines contradictory to each other or am I mistaken?

I think in the first part as it says “THE love” it is referring to a specific person or thing that the subject loved.

Then in the second part it says “YOUR love” as to say never stop loving.

In other words, don’t let a bad relationship taint your ability to find a good one…

guess, the first time they wanted to say that we think that we love a person, but he or she is not for us, just because he/she cannot feel the same. and it’s good to lose that person. what about “may your love never end” maybe they want us not to give up. and love ourselves and others not to be angry with the dissapointment we face every day) heheh

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: I think I understand now what LP wants to say to us. I thing the song is one of the most touching in the album!

its one of my favourite songs already, kinda sums up a lot for me, really love it :slight_smile: