Recommend Android Apps!

I just bought my Samsung Galaxy S2 today and am wondering what are good apps out there? I’m looking for fun games and useful apps e.g. Guitar tuning app?

I downloaded the standard apps like Whatsapp, Istagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Angry Birds, Draw Something etc

LPA friends recommended: Robot Unicorn Attack, Game Dev Story, Dungeon Villiage, Epic Astro Story, Pocket Academy and Ant Smasher.

Any others you would recommend??

Best browser - Opera Mobile
Best file manager - ES File Explorer
Best gallery - QuickPic
My favorite games: Age of Zombies, AirPenguin, Ant Smasher, Can Knockdown, Cut the Rope, Dead Space, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, GTA III, Gravity Defied, My Paper Plan, Nyan Cat, PES 2012, Zombie Dash, Wheres My Water.
I hope this helps you)

I use mine for lots and lots of pointless gaming - try Dead Runner, it’s a chase game where you see how far you can go before smacking into trees and stuff. It’s a lot of fun. Also, I’m hooked on Draw Something, Angry Birds, and Words With Friends. Stupid Zombies is another fun one, a lot like Angry Birds, but with zombies, but it may or may not work with your device. I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Android 2.3, and the game does nothing but crash. However, my boyfriend has a HTC Vivid with the newest Android OS (which I think is 4.0) and it works fine.

Fruit Ninja
Angry Birds
official LP app
curreny converter (if you like to travel)

Flipboard beta is finally available for android. Register yourself here.

They will send you the link to download SDK.