Reading My Eyes

Replyif you tried singing Mike’s rap in Reading My Eyes, failed miserably, and realized that Mike Shinoda is even more awesome than you thought he was.

Haha, I have. More than once.

Yeah, Mike’s verse parts are pretty fast and aggressive. Reading My Eyes is just a badass song! I just stick to playing it on guitar instead of trying to rap/sing it [wink]

happened to me A LOT of times :smiley:

reading my eyes??? which song is that? sorry for the question :frowning:

[quote=deadzeezorn]reading my eyes??? which song is that? sorry for the question :frowning:

yeah if you havent heard it, get all of LPs underground albums and demo tapes. THis one had a couple good ones.

This very rare and highly-coveted cassette sampler released in 1997 is the first recorded material from the band that eventually became Linkin Park. Known under the moniker of Xero, these recordings feature vocalist Mark Wakefield, who quit the band in the late nineties, opening the door for Chester to audition for the lead vocalist spot. Wakefield went on to become the manager for Taproot, a band who Linkin Park would end up opening for during a 2001 European tour headlined by Deftones. Every once in a blue moon, this tape surfaces on eBay and fetches offers of thousands of dollars. It is considered the ultimate item for any hardcore collector.


  1. Rhinestone
  2. Reading My Eyes
  3. Fuse
  4. Stick ‘N’ Move

I had my problems understanding the lyrics because they are sung so fast :wink: Had to read them.

Great song, ultra fast and aggressive rapping! I trained myself so now I can do some of Mike’s raps, but not this one :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw does anyone know if there are any studio recorded versions of this song (except for the Xero Demo)?