Re: Fav LP Album

mine depends on mood too!
i love hybrid theory…hear it when i need relief…meteora is different…kinda special.especially,because of "numb"
when i am depressed with life and need peace…or when some farwell is near… i hear "minutes to midnight"
thousand suns is played especially when i wish to dance around the room…and right now…
Living things is on all time…day in day out!

There’s already a thread about this topic. Search before you post.

Hybrid Theory. That album make me being a Linkin Park fan with songs like One Step Closer, Papercut and In The End…

YAY I love Rise Against too :D. But I live in switzerland and its really hard to get their albums… :frowning:

Already thread for this HERE

definitely Meteora!!!

I concur! Meteora was awesome!


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A Thousand Suns because so many great songs on it.