Questions about Mike's Silver Spring, MD show, 11/19


Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I’ll be attending my first L.P.-related show (Mike’s) on November 19th, in Silver Spring, MD. I bought two VIP tix (“Post Traumatic” packages) for myself and my sister as soon as the tickets went on sale. I have several questions and I’m hoping some of you can answer them for me:

  1. When should my sister and I arrive at the venue? The show approximately starts at 8 PM and I’m assuming the VIP/M&G stuff happens beforehand.
    a). What time do the VIP/M&G activities begin?
    b) Will I receive an e-mail from Mike/LPU/Monster Energy Outbreaks with information about my concerns listed above?

  2. Is there an opening act?
    a). If so, who is it?
    i). How long will they perform?

Those are all the Q’s I have for now. I’m sure more will pop up in the near future. If they do, I’ll come back and post again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

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Hello Alex! Congrats on getting your vip tix, I’m sure you’re gonna to have a blast! There have been a few other threads about others VIP experience but I screen shot one & added it. & yes, I’m pretty sure Don Broco is the opening act & im sure not how long it is. How this helps


Thanks!! So it sounds like I will be receiving an e-mail about the time of the VIP time. Would you know when they will be sending the e-mail, approximately?


I think I received mine close to a week before. I had the “Crossing A Line” package, and they told me to be there by 5:30, the doors to the public opened at 6:30, and Don Broco started at about 7:30 (which, by the way, they played an amazing show when I saw them. You’ll definitely want to check them out.).

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