Question to the video ''Lost in the Echo''

Hey guys, I’m from Germany and it might be that only the german guys, or astrian guys will kow what I mean, but you can answear to if you have any idea.

Anyways, so I saw the vid of LITE on the austrian channel GoTV and on some of the photos which are in the video you can see the german tv-moderators Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. Does anyone of you have an idea why they are in the video?

By the wy on another channel they weren’t in there in the same vid. Only in the video of GoTV. So, thanks guys and have a nice weekend! :wink:

Yeah, because the video is interactive. It connects to your facebook and pulls up pictures from your profile and simply adds them to the video.
That channel you’re talking about obviously have a recorded video from the interactive one since LP has already uploaded the non-interactive one on their youtube page.

Hey, thanks for your quick reply! Now I get it, thank you :wink:

LOL that is funny that the TV station used the interactive video with their pictures instead of the non-interactive one.

Exactly my thought, yeah. Just a mistake :slight_smile: