Question for guitar players concerning Victimized/QWERTY

I guess you all know the awesome Mash-Up of Victimized and Qwerty. My question is: How did they change it live? Because Victimized requires Drop D Tuning, while Qwerty is played in Drop C#. I doubt that they changed the key for one song. Does Mike play the one song and Brad the other one??

I think QWERTY is played in drop D

QWERTY is played in Drop D tuning in this case. Brad doesn’t change guitars at all during the song live. The part for QWERTY sounds slightly different since it is in Drop D Tuning and not the traditional LP tuning of C# if you listen carefully to it.

Yeah what other people are saying, its Drop D. I just love playing their songs on guitar

QWERTY portion is played in Drop D with the same chord positions as the original version, so it sounds half a step higher than normal.

They’ve changed keys on other occasions too - the live version of My December is a half step higher than the studio version, they pitched Shadow of the Day up by half a step to make it work in the current Ballad Medley they’ve been performing, and Numb/Encore was dropped down by half a step for the Grammys mashup with Yesterday.