Puppet Dance - Ace Masters feat Ace Masters Junior

My little boy helped me with this one with the dance moves

Been wanting to write a dance move song and me and my boy would stand in the play ground at his school singing the chorus and then started to make up dance moves and this is the full song


Dance moves in brackets

[Dance explained in verses]
Do the puppet dance (x3)
(Repeat x2)

Throw your arms up just like this
[Arms out to the side, L shape, fist closed facing up, in line with shoulders]
Point to the ground with your fists
[As above but fist facing to the ground]
Cross your arms into an X
[Self explained, X across the chest]
Throw your arms out, pump out your chest
[Self explained, throw arms out straight in line with shoulders pumping out chest]

[Dance explained in verses]
Do the puppet dance (x3)
(Repeat x4)

Now everybody slide to the left
[Self explained]
Come on everyone now to the right
[Self explained]
Once again put your arms into an X
[Same as 1st verse]
It’s time to throw your arms out and pump out your chest
[As 1st verse]

[Dance explained in verses]
Do the puppet dance (x3)
(Repeat x4)

The Band



Hahaha how nice… my daughter loved those dances- maybe one day we’ll all dance it together- I love it :blush:


You and your lil kiddo wrote it? :smiley: its nice!! :clap:

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I wrote it, but he helped me perfect the moves