Property rights question (youtube)

A friendly question to those who maybe had done that before

Does anyone know if I could use LP song for a choreo that I am putting together to put it on youtube?

DO I have to ask for permission of some sort? I never done that before (like putting actual track over the video so the sound is smooth)

Do I need to pay for that? Any ideas? [confused]


I dont really know but before Living Things and BID were out, I played a snippet of Burn It Down and got a strike. Sorry i didnt answer but be careful with copyright

WMG initially allowed YouTube users to use their music library for videos, but i’m not sure how is it now. you can try upload one video and see whether they take it down. just make sure that the video doesn’t have commercial value.

anyway, basically you need permission or license for using work of others. whether you need to pay or not, that depends on your deal with the copyright owner.

Thanks guys, hmm I dont think I want to just “try to put it” cause I will get a warning if they take it down