Presale tickets for the festival?

I wonder if there is presale ticket thingy on festivals too? LP are going to play on Orange Warsaw Festival and I know that many many people want to come and I’m so scared about the tickets :wink:

don’t worrry
there will be enough tickets for the LPU members.
The presale will start soon i guess. Check back at and then you will get every information

thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can get presale tickets for festivals if your a member of the LPU
Neither do u get a early entrance at festivals!

I know about early entry, I was hoping for the presale tho, but you ruined it ;D
thank anyway :slight_smile: I have to stay focused and hunt for the tickets :slight_smile:

Early entry on festival? Where did you find it? It works only on full concerts. I saw it somewhere here, that there’s no early entrance in Warsaw. You can be chosen only for M&G. Nothing else.
And about tickets… This is festival! And we know for this moment only one star for first day! So how could you think about tickets?
Go to Orange Warsaw Festival website. “Details about tickets will be presented soon.”

Agnieszka, it’s right
there’s no early entrance i Warsaw , i saw it too so …

about the tickets…
i’m scared about them too but we should just keep calm and wait! :slight_smile:

Nope, sorry.
But I’m sure, you’ll get a ticket :wink:

We have to be ready all the time, that’s all :wink: :smiley: