Presale Format for Honda Civic Tour?

I tried to search to see if this has been covered, but didn’t see anything specifically about the format…

Does anybody know if the presale format for the 2012 Honda Civic Tour will be the same as the last US tour where you just got a ticket within a very large section and didn’t find out your row or seat number until much later when it came in the mail? I was pretty disappointed by this last year as were many other members, so I’m hoping it goes back to the way it always was before.

How many tickets can you buy at once?

I’d like to know this as well.

As much as I would love to meet/make friends with other LPU members, I’d like to bring a friend or two that loves LP but isn’t a part of the LPU.

yeah, me too, how many and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be general admission floor!