Polish Crew

I think we need our thread here too :slight_smile:

agree :smiley:

I am [mrgreen]

hello! first ‘polish’ topic here:D
how are u guys? gosh…8 days after LP gig in Poland…I’m still so excited:)

The guys played so perfectly I begin to think that they used playback :confused:
That’s not LinkinParkish, but usually Chester is missing air on APFMH, or Given up - this time everything was sung clean, nothing out of tune. Thats a sad thought, don’t accuse me of being a hater.

I agree :slight_smile: Concert in Poland was perfect! I want the next one :smiley:

yeaa, 8 days later and still excited :smiley:
And just 8 days later and I want the next one!

this one was fantastic