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Thanx guys, tried it but nothing, it´s still black :grimacing:

Have you tried another browser?

This. What are you using @Susannchen ? I’m on Chrome and it works fine.

I wish it was available on mobile.

Firefox, I gave it another try and that is what came

Connection is not save, thats why foxie don´t connect!?

… I´ll try chome

Needed to download chrome :joy:, went to, loged in and surprise it works. Thanx guys you are the best! :kissing_heart:

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Well now I can’t connect. It booted me as I was already in there

But you are still playing

For some reason I’m getting this:

I was not there that whole time. I looked at my playlist when I got back and 17 of my songs played since I left

anyone on right now? I might hop in for a few minutes :slight_smile:

I’m on now if anyone wants to drop by.

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I’ll be there in a bit.

ok, me, @dirtdancefloor and @samuel_the_leader are there now

On another note, @The_early_walker can you not get into your old account? If not why not make a new one?

Guys, I found a way to use on our phones (iOS and Android).

  • Download an app from your store called “Puffin Web Browser” (it’s free).
  • Type the link in the url tab it has.
  • Choose desktop version instead of mobile when it asks you.
  • Login and enjoy.

It’s a bit messy since it’s a desktop version but it doesn’t lag at all. Video takes a while to load (you can choose to see it full screen as well) but you should be good.

Looks like this btw, works great today

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Me too dumb or it is the firefox not working…can´t enter my old acc, can´t create a new one and can´t join the party…:disappointed_relieved:

Use chrome. @Susannchen was on firefox as well and had issues.

this fu+++++ :rage: but: I think I have to do this work now, hopefully I can enter after this supposed two hours to manage this whole :poop:

@intheend Do you go by the name of ‘the_rope’? Because there’s a person leaving your type of replies in the chat.