Please make me happy! Help me :o)))

Hello all. :slight_smile:

I have a great request. Does anyone of you LP fans, this magazine? (see picture). Would someone be so kind and sent me a copy on the email. Or if someone sent this magazine to my home address by post? . I would be very grateful,because here in Czech republic we dont have this magazine :frowning: and i really want it…If someone was so kind and have mercy upon me here is my email adress - and if someone wanted to send me this magazine - on my home adress in Czech Republic, writte me email and as a subject Kerrang LPU and writte me short message . And I will to writte you back my home adress.

its on ebay here

thank you sooo much !

no problem dear

but becareful with ebay
people scam a lot these days on such websites

yes I’ve seen a few copies on the Internet, but not so good that they can be read,:frowning: