Pinkpop 2012 RUMOR

I’ve seen a lot of festival sites talking about LP coming to Pinkpop (Netherlands) this year. They’ve been to Pinkpop in 2007…

I’m not sure if it’s gonna be confirmed but the way it’s been said everywhere makes me think there will be a chance (also look at RAR, it also started as rumor… and Pinkpop is the weekend before RAR, and it’s been said to fit into LP’s tour scedule) So there’s hope… I’m still waiting until it gets officially confirmed.

I just found another article of 2 days ago, I decided to translate this…I tried to translate it through Google translate (not the best option I know xD):

"Giel Beelen "Ben Howard and Linkin Park at Pinkpop 2012 '

Festival director Jan Smith would be insane of Giel Beelen. The 3FM DJ was already guilty of reveaingl the arrival of The Cure at Pinkpop, he’s so thinly over tonight. During the radio show, MetMichiel, he once again reveals the arrival of Linkin Park and Ben Howard.

I think Jan Smith, Mr. Pinkpop, will go insane. After this week, The Cure (whispers) Linkin Park, I also dare to say that Ben Howard will be on the lovely festival."

Article (in Dutch):

Well it’s just a rumour so we will have to wait for official annountsments same as with LPs new album :smiley: